Thursday, March 18, 2010

How to Make Money in 2010

Money has become quite an issue with our roller coaster economy. Below are some simple ways to get more money NOW.

The most of obvious way to make more money is to ask for a raise at work or get a new job with a higher income.

Respect Your Money
Try to use cash instead of credit cards so you are more conscious that you're spending money. Somehow holding actual cash in your hand while making a purchase makes one aware of what they're spending. Also, always remember a penny saved is a penny earned. Sometimes one must live without in order to get ahead.

We have the power to make our thoughts a reality. It begins with dreaming and imagining. Create a dream board of future vacations, homes, cars, shoes, etc.

Turn Work into Fun
Who said work can't be fun? Turn your hobby into a moneymaker.

Residual Income
Invest in real estate, write a book, write a song, etc.

These are just some basic ways to rethink money and wealth. If you slowly apply this way of thinking to your daily life you will get more $$$. Don't forget the wealthy guy isn't necessarily the man in the bmw convertible; it's usually the guy driving the 1980s toyota. Learn to live beneath your means.

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