Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's prom/wedding season. I have an eco friendly quick fix if you can't find the perfect shoes to match your dress - SPRAY PAINT YOUR SHOES! Yes, that's what I said!

Follow these steps:
1. Decide on a color - look at your dress - match the dress or pick a fun accent color
2. Check out the paint samples and buy spray paint
3. Make a clear space in a ventilated room or outside.
4. Lay down some old drop cloths or newspaper. Put the shoes on the ground. Spray evenly and a good distance from the shoes. Make sure you get a good 1st coat. (don't spray too much or else it will drip!
5. Let the shoes dry and spray a second coat to get a good finish.
6. After the second coat has dried and it looks like a solid color you're done! yay!

*This is great for shoes that are still in decent shape, but they have a few scuffs and scratches.

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