Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rice Rafferty White Birdcage Veils

Over the weekend we did our Rice Rafferty Bridal Fashion Photo Shoot.  We focused on Wedding Veils and Accessories.  I'll be releasing the photos on my blog one product at a time.  Pictured above is the handmade White Birdcage Blusher Veil.

Simple elegance for the modern bride. Three white fabric roses rest on top of millinery netting blusher creating a soft and romantic touch. Large pearl in the middle white rose with smaller pearls on the right and left roses.

* Silver wire comb

* Three white fabric roses with faux pearls (measuring 5.5 inches across)

* wear backwards or forwards (as desired)

* millinery netting blusher (measuring about 10 inches)

* Made in USA

All designs are handmade; each item is unique wearable art. The inspiration for this piece was old hollywood - flappers, vintage, elegance, glamor.

***Please contact us if you would like a custom veil. ***

Photos by Jessica Elizabeth

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