Saturday, July 28, 2012

How to Add DIY Touches to Your Wedding or Party

It's a rainy day here and I finally had some time to organize my wedding photos.  I was never the girl who had her whole wedding day mapped out, but I did know one thing.  I wanted my wedding day to be oozing with personal touches.  I work in marketing and graphic design, so I wanted to make the invitations, programs, table numbers, and escort cards for my wedding.  

Our wedding theme was Buffalo history and romantic DIY (nouveaux antique style).  We used a bright pink and soft green throughout every little detail of our day.  My mom and I made the veil, garter, cake topper, and embellishments for the dress.  We used vintage 1940's pins from my grandmother (who isn't alive anymore) in the headpiece and on the dress.  Adding these personal details make the day memorable for you as well as the guests.  The top photo shows photos I placed inside a locket that I pinned on my bouquet.  My grandparents died 17 years ago, but I wanted to share the day with them.  The wedding was in the Buffalo Historical Museum so I designed table numbers with photographs of Buffalo during the Pan American Exposition, fun historical facts, and gave each table a name.  The escort card holders doubled as bells, so people could ring the bell instead of clinging their glasses.  I'm not one for giving speeches or singing, so making these little details was a way of making the day more intimate and sharing a little bit extra about myself with my guests.  

What do you plan on doing for your wedding?  How will you decorate?  Please feel free to ask any wedding questions.  My head is still spinning with wedding details.  I'd be happy to share with you.  My advice is start planning now ;-)


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