Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bring Back Bunheads

We're in the golden age for television.  Television shows have become almost more popular than movies.  TV shows allow the writers to work on character development and the viewer get to enjoy the series like a book - watch it all at once or keep going back to it at different times.  We get to continue on the writer's journey of the world they create. 

One of my favorite things about TV today is the viewer's have the ability to express their love for a series.  As you know Arrested Development was canceled too soon and Netflix has released a new season of the show.  Veronica Mars was sadly canceled about 10 years ago and now they're making a movie!  

Last week I heard Bunheads, one of my favorite shows on television, was canceled.  Amy Sherman-Palladino's writing is very unique.  I love her smart and politically savvy writing with its quick humorous banter.  If you're a fan I suggest you vote for the series, writer to ABC, and maybe even ask Netflix to bring the series back.  Don't give up hope!  Your opinion counts!

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