Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kara's Rainy Summer 2009 Top 10 List!


We can't let the rain and cold stop us from enjoying summer. Summer is about more than the heat. It's a state of mind.

Check out my summer top 10 ways to enjoy summer 2009:

1. sunscreen - the smell of sunscreen just screams summer to might be the fact that I'm so pale so i always had to lather up as a child (never go anywhere without it if you want to stay wrinkle free)
2. museums, summer concerts, food festivals - Don't let the rain stop you. Look on the bright side; the lines will be shorter.
3. waterproof mascara
4. rain-boots and umbrella (choose one with a fun print and bright colors)
5. flip flops - I just bought some Tiva's that I love! very comfy!
6. sundress with leggings
7. summer songs on the ipod (Miles Davis - Summertime, Go Go's - Vacation, Beach Boys - Surfin' USA, and new summer hits of 2009)
8. patio lamp (to stay warm while trying to enjoy these cool summer evenings!)
9. fruit picking (all the rain has made the fruit nice and plump)
10. vintage inspired swimsuit

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