Monday, November 30, 2009

Scarves Scarves Scarves

Our luxurious fabric shimmers and shines in every type of lighting. Each hand dyed velvet devore scarf is burned out with a unique pattern design. Our devore scarves are one of a kind wearable art.

Each scarf is made from individually designed motifs, burnt out by hand and hand dyed. The scarves look like luscious pieces of candy when finished, coming in an a glorious array of colors - blues, purples, oranges, yellows, greens, reds. NOTE: These scarves are not your typical commercial scarves; they're better!

Devore is french for devour. It occurs when sodium bisulphate is applied to the cloth, dried, then heated. The heat process causes the sodium bisulphate to eat away at the fabric, leaving the treated area transparent.

In the areas where the devore is burnt out the material is transparent. These scarves really play with lighting through its shimmery fabric and shear sexiness. Our scarves are currently sold online and in museum shops.

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