Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mass Appeal; An Elmwood Village Fashion Phenomenon

It's that time of year again, YES!  the Mass Appeal Fashion Show is this friday in Buffalo, NY.  Mass Appeal is the place to see and be seen.  I've been going the past two years and I always look forward to the next fashion show.  Mass Appeal is a high quality fashion show, very hip, like something you would expect in New York City, but with real people as models.  Mass Appeal is hosted by the talented Erin Habes, a Buffalo State graduate.

In May I was part of Runway 3.0 for Carol Ann Rice Rafferty's beautiful ultra feminine warrior collection, but it's seriously just as fun watching from the audience.  Dare I say it's a magical experience.  The DJ's Shock & Awe play only the newest music and keep a great energy throughout the entire show.  The clothing is mostly from the boutiques on Elmwood Avenue as well as designs made by local designers.

This year I heard there's a wearable art segment which should be interesting since I've been creating a lot of wearable art.  Ahem, where was my call to be in the show?  haha  but seriously it's a really fun time!  I'm going to check out the show for makeup, accessory, and hair ideas for upcoming rice rafferty photo shoots.  So come one, come all to the Mass Appeal fashion.  You'll love it whether you're a model, actress, fashionista, artist, or someone looking for a fun friday night out on the town.  Dress to impress! 

Friday, November 5 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm

LocationLafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church
875 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY
$30 a ticket

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