Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I love the clothing company Anthropologie.  They have such unique clothing and accessories.  Anthropologie recently launched a sister company, BHLDN, specializing in bridal gowns and accessories.  Since my company Rice Rafferty Couture Accessories is branching into the wedding industry we decided to check it out.  The items are beautiful! 

If you like BHLDN you'll love Rice Rafferty too.  We're also a company of women for women.  We work with models, photographers, printers, and hair stylists in the Western New York area to boost our local economy.  We specialize in one of a kind items, so your wedding will be completely unique.

The photo above is our Tulle Trapeze dress with fiber optic lights and our feather hair accessory with pearls.


  1. Hey! I don't know if you know ... but rumor has it that an Anthropologie is coming to the Galleria Mall. :)

  2. Oh yes! I heard that too. I also heard H&M is coming to the Galleria. Is this true?!?!