Friday, February 4, 2011

A LACEY Valentine

With Valentine's Day around the corner my mind is on lace, tulle, and bridal accessories.  I was recently asked by a friend in Washington state to design her bridal veil.  I'm so honored and excited to design for her special day.  She's a strong and gorgeous woman AND she's a great person.  I'll keep you posted on the design progress! Check out for more information. 

Speaking of Valentine's...I'm seeing tons of lingerie ads EVERYWHERE.  I'm not a huge fan of Victoria Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood Lingerie.  They focus a little too much on objectifying women.  They focus on women with perfect bodies in their advertisements which perpetuates bad body images for women and the lingerie isn't very exciting.

I recently came across an independent Lingerie Designer on etsy - Ohhh Lulu Lingerie and Apparel.  I LOVE her vintage inspired lingerie and photographs.  To me these items are much sexier.  If you're looking to buy some special lingerie I strongly suggest something like this.  The vintage inspired look is so lovely!

Ohhh Lulu

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