Friday, May 27, 2011

Watercolor Tutu

We've been working on some new tutu designs.  Above are pics of our Watercolor Tutu - multi colored layers of hand dyed bridal veil illusion. 

Monet inspired, watercolor petals
Layers of hand dyed rainbow colored tulle make this tutu extra special. Each piece is hand cut into a petal shape.

Dress it up different ways!

Wear the tutu with black leotard or leggings and a tank top if you plan on dancing.

If you're a tad more daring with fashion, like Carrie Bradshaw, pair the tutu with a short skirt and blouse/tank (maybe a blazer if it's chilly) with a few strands of pearls and stiletto heals.

* elastic waist
* Hand dyed tulle and a few purple rayon fabric strips embedded in tulle
* tutu colors - pink, orange, blue, light blue, white, purple, yellow, green-yellow
* Made in USA

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We hope everyone has a fabulous three day weekend!  Party like it's 1999  ;-)

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