Sunday, March 17, 2013

Something Old Something New Bridal Event

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  We're working on some custom orders here and thinking about getting some corned beef and cabbage somewhere.

I've been wanting to share photos from one of the events we attended. Recently we were a part of the Something Old Something New Bridal Event at the Buffalo History Museum.  It featured beautiful vintage photographs by wedding photographer Ettore Porreca, now 92, historic wedding gowns from the museum, modern gowns by Anatomy, and our accessories (Rice Rafferty Couture Accessories).  I had my wedding here back in June, so it was very special to be in this space again.   I even wore my wedding gown again for the day.  We added our own embellishments to the dress, so we had fun showing guests at the event our accessories that add a unique touch to a wedding or special event. 

i love this museum!  it's my favorite landmark in Buffalo

Maureen's Florist


our accessory table

we are the designers - mother and daughter

Ettore Porreca's bride portraits - “We used to have a saying, ‘Photographs have the least value on the day they are delivered,’” Porreca said. “As time goes on, they become heirlooms.” 

Ali's modern day wedding gowns (three on the left) 

There was a wedding dress contest - the woman who donated her mom's wedding dress said her family didn't have money for her mom's wedding dress, so her brother brought home a parachute from the war (this was during World War II) and they made the dress from that (see picture above).  The story brought tears to my eyes. 

Beautiful live music

historic gowns from the museum's collection

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