Monday, July 29, 2013

How to Choose the Right Wedding Gown

The process of planning a wedding can be very overwhelming.  Shopping for the wedding dress is such a crucial part of the planning process.  While shopping, one of my friends said "it's all about the dress."  Yes and No.  It's important to choose something that doesn't dominate and allows your natural beauty to shine through.  I like to make the accessories the focal point more than just the dress.

When you first walk into that bridal shop it's easy to start picking the wrong gowns.  My first inclination was to go for something very trendy with tons of beads and ruffles.  It looked ridiculous on me and not to mention it was very heavy to wear.  You need to consider you will be wearing this dress for an entire day.  Can you move around in it?  Can you dance?

I thoroughly researched different styles of wedding gowns and what works with which body shape.  The wedding gown should reflect your personality and style, but remember your style today might be different in 20 years. 

If you're short - empire waist, column style

If you're tall - ballgown

A-line styles work on just about any body type - they're extremely flattering

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