Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Be Comfortable and Stylish

Winters in NY state can be pretty say the least. I've noticed I don't want to put on jewelry in the morning because the metal feels like I'm wearing pieces of ice. Recently, I began making jewelry with upcycled jersey material which is very soft and comfortable. Who decided jewelry had to be cold, hard metal anyway? Don't even tell me it was a man! I enjoy comfort and beauty. I discovered these necklaces are amazing to wear in the winter because it's 100% jersey material. Come to think of it...summer would also be a good time too because the necklaces wouldn't stick to you if you were sweating. The necklaces would absorb the sweat AND you could wash them!

See below for more info:

Be bold. Be the center of attention. Wear this fun and funky necklace to make any outfit exciting! Handmade necklace with soft jersey fabric hangs from jersey neck tie.

* Adjustable length (just add a knot)

* 24 inches

* Made from upcycled t-shirts!

* Hand dyed jersey fringe - blue, green, orange, white

* Fringe hangs 3 - 7.5 inches long

* Made in USA

NOTE: This item has been SOLD. Please contact us if you'd like something like it.

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