Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Struggle that Inspires

Whenever I watch a movie I love to do some research after (or sometimes during). I enjoy reading the writer/director's biography, film locations, and info about the cast.

Recently, I watched the movie The Last Seduction. The main character is a femme fatale who steals from her husband, runs from NYC, finds a guy outside Buffalo, NY who she attempts to seduce into killing her husband. The movie was very dated in a good way(80s/90s) - old answering machines, women wore short skirts with long jackets, women curled their hair on the bottom. I first heard about this movie because it was mentioned on the pilot episode of Sex and the City. Samantha adores the femme fetal Last Seduction character for having sex like a man. What I found even more interesting than the movie itself was Steve Barancik's honest biography. It's so rare to hear honesty these days.

In the above link he writes about his failures and success - dead end jobs, working as an adjunct professor, trying to make writing a career, writing a screenplay, writing children's books and pizza delivering. There's nothing I enjoy more than a story about a person struggling, overcoming circumstances and making something of himself. It's a story all artists, writers, musicians, etc can relate to. Thank you Steve!

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