Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricanes, Art Shows, and Photo Shoots, OH MY!

"If you want something done ask a busy person."  I guess the saying is true!

What an action packed week.  We lost electricity a week ago due to Hurricane Sandy.  Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was effected by the storm.  I tried to use my nervous energy towards something productive during the storm, so I started making boutineers, veils, and floral elements for a bouquet.  I went to my mom's art opening friday night at the C.G. Jung Center in Buffalo and we had a buffalo bridal photo shoot on Sunday with City Lights Photography, Made by Anatomy, Elizabeth Dugan Hairstyling and The Makeup Parlour.  I've been so busy, but it has been a good busy!  It was a delight to work with such talented women yesterday.  I can't wait to see the photos from the shoot!  Below I have some pics of my mom's art show and behind the scenes pics of the photo shoot.

 Here are some of Carol Ann Rice Rafferty's pieces from her latest solo exhibition.  The theme of the show was healing.

 We made a romantic ivory fabric flower feather bouquet, fabric lace boutineers, and a large flower adornment.  We were inspired by the array of styles for new brides who want a unique look.  We designed juliet cap veils, headbands, adornments, and birdcage veils. 

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