Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Magical Lake Effect Snow

There's something magical about Buffalo, NY in the winter time, especially when it's snowing.  Everyone is in a better mood and helping each other out of snow piles.  There's excitement in the air during a lake effect snow storm.

Everyone's a little giddy with thoughts of leaving work early, snow days, warming ourselves by a fireplace, and sugar plum fairies dancing in our heads.  I've lived here 12 years and it has taken me this long to realize it.  Mostly because I was hiding inside during these snow storms.  The real fun is out there with people!  A few years back during the October Storm '06 my car was stuck in the snow and my coworkers (who i didn't know very well) helped push my car out.  It's these random acts of kindness that really makes a community.  Buffalo would be the perfect setting for a Christmas Lifetime or Hallmark movie.

The snow begins to become a bit irritating in February and March, but December it's a winter wonderland. :)

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