Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Declutter

Right now I'm in a declutter mode.  Late January is the perfect time for a fresh start.  I'm decluttering my life and trying to create a healthier lifestyle.  I'm ridding it from people who aren't supportive, caring, or loving.  I've let jealous and selfish people into my life for too long and now it's time for a purging of people and things.  I'm trying to eat healthier by consuming fewer processed food items, more vegetables and fruits, exercising more, and minimizing my possessions.  I've been letting a lot of things with negative chi sit around and bother me - not anymore...

I'm working on those projects that have been sitting there half done, staring me in the face, mocking me.  I'm focusing on bringing positive chi into my life.  I just donated a bunch of VHS tapes to my local library (that was very hard to give up my Sixteen Candles VHS).  I placed them one by one into the bin and I told myself someone who has never seen these movies can now enjoy them.

Ways to bring positive chi Feng Shui into your life:
- donate, throw away, or fix broken things
- throw away dried flowers or compost them
- install an indoor water fountain in your home and place it in an open, central position you can attract the good things you want into your life
- remove television sets from all bedrooms
- don't leave shoes by your front door

I had another big thing bothering me.  I had this warped painting (seriously twisted - when hung on a wall it was lopsided) sitting around since 2004.  I couldn't bare to do anything with it since the painting is so pretty.  I finally took the canvas off the stretcher and hung it on the wall with pushpins.  ahh feels good!  I'm feeling lighter already.  What do you have hanging around that's bothering you right now?

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