Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wear Your Black and Gold With Style

Are you a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers?  Do you love black and gold?  Do you want something that will add a little bling?  This is the hair accessory for you.

I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and I'm quite aware of the strong support for Pittsburgh teams.  I remember hearing the song "Here we go Steelers, Here we go, Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl."  In grade school we were asked to wear black and gold to show our Steelers support so I wore all black - black leggings and black top with a gold chain, of course.  I always liked a little bling.  The accessory above is made from up cycled jewelry, lace, mesh glitter gold netting, and hand dyed yellow tulle.  The accessory is great for weddings, proms, homecomings, birthdays, dance costumes, parties, or any other special occasion.
Check it out here

I remember singing a song in grade school "Pittsburgh...a smokey old town, Pittsburgh."  It's hard to believe Pittsburgh was once a steel town full of smoke and now it's grown to be a health care center, fashion haven, Super Bowl Champions and ideal site for major film productions.  It's a city that shows old industrial towns how to turn a depressed economy around.  The city is full of top companies now - like Google, Dick's Sporting Goods, American Eagle, and Modcloth.

I love success stories!  They inspire me to think outside the box and imagine the impossible.

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