Monday, January 31, 2011

Happily Ever After

Over the weekend, our photographer Jessica Elizabeth attended her sister's wedding and wore one of our Rice Rafferty Silver Hair Clips.  Doesn't she look gorgeous?!  Jessica was a photographer at the wedding, she was a bridesmaid, AND she caught the bouquet.

I wanted to share these beautiful photographs with you.  Jessica - best wishes to your sister.  It looks like it was a lovely day.  I love the details Jessica's sister included in her wedding.  A wedding should be as unique as each bride and her wedding definitely included special touches that made it her own.  The bride wore royal blue shoes (a huge trend right now for 2011 weddings when choosing something blue), the bouquet included pink, lavender, and white roses with crystals (very valentines day inspired) surrounded by fluffy white feathers, the bridesmaids wore long strapless dark purple gowns.

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