Monday, April 25, 2011

Runway 4.0 Recap

me and mom

Last Saturday was such a busy day!  The months of preparation for Runway 4.0 paid off though.  Everyone did such an amazing job and looked fabulous! 

My mom's clothing collection looked amazing!  My mom had surgery 3 months ago for breast cancer and here she is on stage with her gorgeous collection.  It made me so proud.  She's my hero and the strongest person I've ever known.  She thought I was crazy for suggesting she designed clothing for the fashion show this year, but the idea quickly grew on her and before I knew it we were both researching and gathering concepts for designs.  The doctors think designing was very healing for her and I'd have to agree with them :)

The clothes were made from 100% up cycled denim and vintage 70s psychedelic fabric.  We used up cycled denim by redesigning old blue jeans into fashionable, fun and sexy garments. The designs consist of halter tops, short skirts, a maxi skirt, a denim vest, a dress, and a poncho.  We made bib necklaces made from denim, hand bags from denim pockets, colorful birdcage veils, denim floral pins, and a denim wrist corsage.  The colors were coral and bright green other details included hand beading, embroidery, and silk screened images.

It takes a village to put such a spectacular show together.  Thank you to everyone involved!

Hair by Vanity Salon
Makeup my Michele Mclaughlin at Estee Lauder

If you're interested in some of the designs above please message us
or visit

The models pictured above are Alicia Faye, Amy Lee Reusch, Anna Hartzell, Emily Wiech Christ, Jennifer Mergenhagen, and Laura Lemke!

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