Thursday, June 10, 2010

Away We Go

Yesterday I had dinner with my friend Crystal, a fellow graphic designer, who just got back from Europe.  She recently traveled to Dagenham, UK.  This was her first time traveling ALONE and outside North America, so I was very proud of her.

She also ventured to Scotland UK, Wales UK, London Uk and Salisbury UK. I enjoyed hearing all about her adventure.  She was telling me how all the stores you can find here in a US cities are there as well.  She mentioned H&M and I said oh yes we have that here.  She was searching endlessly trying to find unique gifts for her friends, but it was all Made in China and generic.  Crystal ended up bringing home some beautiful seashells for her family.  With the internet we have really become so connected as a society, yet we lose some of our individuality.  She imagined the UK to be different somehow...maybe not so modern?  She absolutely loved it though!  If I was there I would have loved to check out some textile museums or studios!  Crystal said the trip made her appreciate home more.  There's no place like home, but she's ready for more traveling in the future!  :)

Have you seen the movie Away We Go??!?  A young couple is on a quest to find a place to move, to call home, and start their family.  They travel to Wisconsin, Montreal, Miami and Arizona visiting friends and checking out different lives.  Aren't we all on this journey trying to find a place where we fit in this world?  Have you found that place?  Where is it?

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