Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cancer Cell Lamps

For my BFA senior thesis at the University at Buffalo in 2006 I made 16 cancer cell lamps which were made of handmade paper, wax, and silk screened images.  The lamps were on display at the Buffalo Central Terminal in a dark staircase - allowing the lamps to illuminate.  The lamps are memorial lamps to victims of cancer - people living with cancer, survivors, or those who have died.  Cancer is such a taboo word in our society and it touches every family in some way.  I wanted to visually represent it in a non threatening way.  Through my research I learned there are so many causes of cancer: obesity, sunlight, heredity, smoking, and the list goes on...There's never one cause.  The lamps can also act like voodoo lamps having them close to you as a way to ward off cancer.  $70 each plus shipping

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