Friday, June 11, 2010

Every Girl Needs a Tutu

When I was a little girl you couldn't get me out of my tutu.  I remember twirling and dancing around the house.  I quit my dance lessons (sorry mom), but that didn't stop me from dressing up and dancing free style.  I felt so elegant and grown up.  The revival of the 80s dance wear as street wear is very exciting to me.  

The above picture is showing our Ultra Feminine Warrior tutu, made from layers of white tulle embedded with strands of silk and upcycled silk flowers with bead stitching and fiber optic lights. $80
When I was in college my art building was shared with the dancer/theater majors so I was heavily influenced by exposure to dancer clothing.  Even though my hands were full of art books, sketch pads, and paint brushes I'd wear leg warmers and leggings and my hair up in a messy bun several days a week.  Gee!  No wonder my favorite painters were Renoir and James Tissot!  I'm not a dancer, but drawing/painting ballerinas and wearing dancer clothing made me feel like one.  Wearing dancer clothes also puts me in the mood to work out, stretch, maybe do a little ballet workout (check out the NYC Ballet Workout - really great for your posture and makes you feel very graceful).

Wear the tutu with black leotard or leggings and a tank top if you plan on dancing. 

If you're a tad more daring with fashion, like Carrie Bradshaw, pair the tutu with a short skirt and blouse/tank (maybe a blazer if it's chilly) with a few strands of pearls and stiletto heals. 

Pair it with our Ultra Feminine Warrior silk one shoulder turquoise tunic and bib or statement necklace.

Simply flip a switch and turn on the fiber optic lights if you plan on going dancing!  

My favorite dance movie is Center Stage (Special Edition)

I seriously can't get enough of this movie.  I've watched it at least a hundred times.

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