Monday, June 28, 2010

It Runs in the Family

There's something so fascinating and comforting about maps.  Sometimes I catch myself clicking and staring at maps on google maps or mapquest for hours.  I enjoy looking at the maps while planning trips or just the beauty of their designs.  So, it wasn't really a surprise when we discovered a distant relative who is an art critic for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and gallery owner of a shop which specializes in vintage maps.

Last year was my first visit to Shaw Galleries and it was such a pleasant surprise.  The gallery was full of maps ranging from the city of Pittsburgh, state of Pennsylvania maps to maps of the United States.  One of my favorite maps was a map from the early settler days showing lots of towns in the Northeast, very little in central US, and California was an island!  Shaw Galleries now carries artworks by local artists as well as some prints by world renowned artists.  You may also contact Kurt for an appraisal.  Shaw Galleries is located in Pittsburgh, PA downtown in the theater district.  Check it out here:

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