Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday Madness 2010

Did you go out for Black Friday?  Find any amazing deals?  I have never been out in the middle of the night for black friday.  This year I got so excited while designing this festive Black Friday ad (see above) that I decided to get out there and see what this black friday business was all about.

After cooking Thanksgiving dinner I took a disco nap, followed by a few cups of coffee then headed out the door.  We drove to the Niagara Falls Outlet Mall.  There were surprisingly a lot of people on the road.  Once we arrived I was astonished the parking lot was packed solid.  We had to park in a parking lot across the road and proceed to run across the street to the shopping center. Canadians love coming to this shopping center too so it was extra crowded.  There were police on patrol at the entrance.  We luckily missed some riff raff that occurred moments before our arrival.  We entered the shopping center around 12:15 ad it was jam packed.  Any store that had a huge line outside the door (like Coach, Juicy Couture, Bath & Body Works) we quickly walked by it.  We went to stores that weren't as crowded.  The environment was stuffy and hot because there were SO many people.  I bought a few items from Ann Taylor and Brooks Brothers as Christmas gifts.

I'm happy I went and saw the spectacle of people.  The items I purchased were smart, not impulse buys.  I can see how people may over shop in environments like this - you begin to feel irritable, tired, and hungry, but you tell yourself, "i'm here so i might as well buy something".  You become like a hungry animal in search of a great sale.  I bought some excellent quality items at decent prices (I'd rather spend more for good quality than buy cheap clothes for $5 a piece).  We left around 3:00 am and I began to feel sick from lack of sleep.  Next year, I think I'll sleep in and if I need something I'll order it online.


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