Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The FIT Museum Luxury Collection

What is luxury to you?  Egyptian cotton sheets?  A manicure?  A $400 pair of shoes?  A couture gown?  Luxury changes with the eye of the beholder and with the times.  Above are some of my picks of Etsy luxury for 2011 from www.etsy.com.  The items range in price from $90 -340.  The shops are Ouma, Myrakim, Gimmenicole, and Ashesandempires.

Since I was a young girl I would dream of visiting the FIT campus and years later I finally got to see it.  I remember reading an article about the Fashion Merchandiser for the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer back in 1998 which lead to my research of FIT.  I thought wow what a cool job!  I want to do something like that!  The FIT Museum is a fascinating place to visit.  Everyone from fashionistas to historians will enjoy it.  I love seeing the evolution of fashion throughout the years.

The collection we went to see was about Luxury.  Coco Chanel once said simplicity does not mean poverty.  Her goal was to bring high fashion to every woman's life.  Coco saw the value in the less is more philosophy.  She placed emphasis on luxury and minimalism.   There are many degrees of luxury.  Lavish fabrics, trimmings and embroidery.  It is thought we live by and for luxury.  Luxury tends to show class distinctions. 

Fashion, like most things tends to repeat itself and go through cycles.  Fashion is influenced by the economy, politics, technology, and environmental concerns.  The collection at the FIT Museum emphasized that luxurious things can often be the most simple.  This was my first time seeing the authentic dresses and women's dress suits by Coco Chanel.  Some of the items I remember most were the Chanel dresses and flapper 1920s dresses.

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