Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rice Rafferty Accessories November 2010 Photo Shoot

Our Rice Rafferty photo shoot with the photographer Jessica Elizabeth was amazing.  It was a magical day.  Our fashion stylist Liz Szeluga found inspiration from the JCrew 2010 Lookbook, Marc Jacobs Spring 2011, Alexander McQueen 2010, Ecco Eco, and Confetti System.  Liz was my right hand person helping with hair ideas, makeup, inventory, organization, and style ideas. We decided to go with a blood orange matte lipstick - Revlon, and natural looking eyes with minimal makeup.  We wanted the look to have a vintage flare with a modern twist to work with our accessories.  Rice Rafferty accessories are inspired by dancer/ballet clothing, old hollywood glam, and current influences. 

The day started off with a flat tire and my makeup artist who sadly canceled (because her son was sick) and ended with magic.  The photo shoot was a complete success and that's what happens when you have a hard working, creative, and passionate team.  Liz Szeluga and I started the day by getting everyone's makeup ready.  Once everyone had the uniform blood orange lips we were ready for hair.  For the hair I wanted a soft, romantic look.  Carolyn Holmes Harbison, a hair stylist and makeup artist, came prepped with every hair styling and makeup tool one could imagine.  Carolyn's hairstyles included a soft braided up-do, a bun, long soft curls with braids pulled to one side, and soft curls with bangs framing the models face beautifully.  Carolyn nailed the look!

One by one we got models prepped and they were ready to accessorize.  Liz helped me dress and style the models.  It was a great time intuitively coming up with color combinations and deciding which scarf with which necklace or hair piece.  One of my favorite looks was the lace on lace.  I also love the combination of the bib necklace and a devore scarf.  Rice rafferty accessories are so interchangeable.  We brought hand dyed devore scarves, long and short tutu with fiber optic lights, hand stitched bib necklaces, and headbands with feathers and up cycled jewelry.  Most of our looks were wedding and dance inspired. 

Our photographer Jessica Elizabeth has an eye for accessories and fashion.  I knew she would be the perfect photographer for this shoot.  Jessica photographed from so many interesting angles which really helped make the accessories the focal point.  Our models all brought something unique to their photos - Bri - bright innocent modern yet vintage look, Tina - was regal and mysterious,  Laura - brought a sexy look and flexible ballet moves, and Christian - was confident and glamorous.

Rice Rafferty is a company for women by women.  As our company grows we are giving back to our community.  We print our business cards and marketing materials locally in Buffalo, NY.  We buy our materials locally and work with local photographers, models, and stylists.  Thank you to everyone who made it a magical day!  We can't wait for the next fashion photo shoot!

Visit us at www.ricerafferty.com

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