Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Donegar Group

The next stop on our fashion trip was The Donegar Group, a fashion trend company founded in 1946.  The environment was pristine, very corporate and professional.  Our fashions today are a mix of yesterday and today.  To prove this point.  Check out the list of trends from Autumn 2008 and how relevant these trends still are today.  It takes awhile for trends to reach the general public - it's a trickle down process.  At first glance we typically reject trends, but the more we see the trends we begin to accept them.  For example, I was always anti UGG boots and after 6 years of seeing these boots EVERYWHERE I began to wonder - how great are these boots?  Two weeks ago i tried on a pair of Uggs for the first time and damn, they're pretty comfortable!

Womens trends - striped blazer, cargo pants, striped top, double breasted jacket, bubble skirt, navy blue, piping or banding on skirt, knit tops, turtlenecks knit tops. 

Mens trends - more polished and dressed up. V-neck argyle sweater, Mr. Rogers sweater (this is fun because i'm from Pittsburgh, the home of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood), peace scarves, military pins

Childrenswear trends - Catholic school look - tie backwards, shirt out - rebellious catholic school look (Gossip Girl totally worked this look)

Color - lots of black & gray, red added to basic black outfit, bat wings, red pants, navy and black combination, eyelet, rich jewel tones - amethyst/purple, rich colors - magenta, fuchsia with black, brights and neutral.  Greens against bronws - green leather. (i see this as an influence on the peacock trend now)

Issues and Objects & Desires
texture, long furs, feathers savage chic
new fabrics - plastic resin
luxe pink - pyrania studs on jeans, belts, earrings (now it's zippers on purses, wallets, belts, etc)
metal objects - metallic
Art Deco & Bauhaus - drop waist, color blocking
Art Deco accessories - hats, jewels
lumberjack plaids
denim - wide and skinny
white - all year
ankle zips, twisted seams
layering - adjusting to weather
cap sleeves, salt and pepper jacket
menswear trend - boyfriend cardigan, boyfriend pant
celebrating in style - pleats and ruffles, tuxedo jackets and shirts
the 70s - Farrah Fawcett hair flip, t shirts, bow blouses
kids - hippie style

Statement Makers
sleevless/short cut sleeves with gloves, driving gloves, berets, satin footwear, clutches are larger. Feminized oxford shoes, scarves go much larger

The biggest trend since the economy tanked is investment dressing - reinvested classics.

New retailers - Luella, Twenty&Twelve, Jack Wills University Outfitters, fabulously British clothing (new competition for Abercrombie because it's more polished and sophisticated.  I really dig it!)

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