Wednesday, November 3, 2010

For Your Baby, Trust Fund Baby

Have you ever heard of Trust Fund Baby?  The hip, little shop opened in 2004.  Trust Fund Baby specializes in childrenswear.  Many celebrities buy clothing from Trust Fund Baby for their little ones.  The store is decorated like a really cool apartment.  Very homey.

Trust Fund Baby designs and manufactures.  Items are manufactured in Hong Kong, Turkey, and Italy.  They have shop locations in NYC (239 Elizabeth St. NYC 10012) and Atlantic City (The Pier at Caesars).  No advertising.  They rely on word of mouth.

The owner's background is in wholesales, sourcing, and merchandising for Armani.  She dropped out of school after 6 months.  She started off faxing for people, buying them coffee, and worked her way up.

The owner said when she interviews people she asks about their culture and family.  Interesting approach, right?  Like her clothes, her business is about the people and it makes sense to create a team of like minded employees who have similar values in family and the celebration of our differences and similaries.

KEY TO SUCCESS FROM TRUST FUND BABY OWNER - Work back.  See where you want to be, then see what you need to work there.

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